Some stats on 2nd term mid term elections

So the following are a list of presidents who were around for 2nd term mid term elections.

Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, Coolidge, Franklin Roosevelt, Truman, Johnson, Reagan, Clinton, and W Bush.

The following is a change in congressional seats in each of these 2nd term midterms.

In 1795, the 4th congress, Washington picked up senators but lost house members. A split.

In 1807, the 10th congress Jefferson made very shallow gains in both houses.

In 1815, the 14th congress, Madison lost in the Senate, but Gained in the house.

In 1823, the 18th congress the Federalists had almost collapsed and the Republicans had fractured into Clay, Jackson, and Adams factions. Its very hard to figure who gained, but the federalists lost more seats in both houses.  Monroe didn’t seem to notice.

In 1835,  the 24th congress, Jackson picked up in the senate, but lost in the house. The parties were very much split up at this time, the nascent Democrat party and the rump national republicans were fighting with nullifies and an anti-mason party.

In 1875, the 44th congress, Grant lost in the senate and lost big in the house. this foreshadows the election of 1876 wherein Hayes loses the popular vote, ties the electoral vote and wins the presidency by handing the south over to the democrats. The end of reconstruction and the start of Jim Crow.

In 1907, the 60th congress, Teddy Roosevelt picked up a handful of seats in both houses.

in 1919, the 66th congress, Wilson lost in the senate and in the house. His war time victory did not pull political capital.

in 1927,  the 70th congress, Calvin Coolidge lost in both houses but maintained majorities.

in 1939, the 75th congress, FDR lost in both houses.

in 1951, the 82nd congress, Truman lost in both houses.

in 1959, the 86th congress, Eisenhower lost rather big in the congress.

in 1967, the 90th congress, Johnson lost in both houses, Dems maintained majority however.

in 1987, the 100th congress, Reagan lost 8 in the senate and 3 in the house.

in 1999, the 106th congress, Clinton Broke even in the senate and gained 4 in the house.

in 2007, the 110th congress, Bush lost his majorities in both house houses.

in 2015, the 115th congress, who knows…..

The reason for compiling this data is that previous entry. People want to know what will happen.

16 presidents have had a 2nd term Midterm election.

Of them:

4 Were splits (including Monroe)

3 Were gains (Including the narrow gains of Clinton 1998)

9 Were loses


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