Am I a hypocrite?

ImageSo, a bit of background and personal Information here. I suffer from depression and a few other things and as such my pre-existing conditions make me expensive to impossible to insure.  I apply from time to time to get a lower rate because my current plan is very very expensive.

I got a letter from my insurance company telling me they will be participating in my states health care exchange system.  I don’t like single payer systems. I don’t like government (State or federal) involvement in health care because it is the prime reason my costs are so high. Government is costing me a fortune each month.  But now obamacare seems to be offering me a reduction in price. But at what cost?

A business sets a price for their good or service with 2 things in mind. Cost of production and the ability of customers to pay. There is no purpose in selling something at a price customers wont pay, nor is there any purpose in selling something at a price below cost. Business that does that goes out of business. So using that knowledge, the insurance company thinks I might cost them X amount in the future so they charge me Y per month so they can meet that X.  If Y is forced down by government rules, then X can’t be met, the insurance company goes under and I lose my insurance.

I guess we can think about it like this. Government ordered a pizza that costs twenty dollars but demands that it be priced at ten. The result is every pizza sold will cost the company ten dollars. They go away, unless the government offers them a pizza subsidy to make up the difference.  But with that subsidy comes an obligation to do as the government demands. Henry Ford noted that the government, which didn’t produce cars, was telling car makers what to do. What gives them the knowledge to set these rules for any of us.

And yet, the price reduction will save my ass in the short run, only to hurt me in the long run.  Here is how I think I justify this. The savings I achieve here can be applied to my future development making me better off in the end. But what of my insurance company? I don’t know.

All I know is obamacare and other government interference has driven up the cost of healthcare and then arbitrarily drives down the price (not the cost) making life hell for the already struggling insurance companies.

I don’t know how to figure this one out…

Party Rant

So, a few stories popped up on drudge that are connected but not by current events, but by theme. The civil war in the republican party. There is a civil war in the democrat party too, but that is swept under the rug and not reported on. Democrats have been good of keeping their infighting, back stabbing, and nights of long knives out of the lime light.

The NSA Spying scandal and the potential government shut down over obamacare are the topics of the stories that I read and they are connected in this way: The parties (both of them) are both splitting up over the key issues of the power of the government to run our daily lives.  Both parties have blocs that oppose these things, and blocs that support these things.  As a historian what came to my mind was the 1850s and how both major parties of that era the Democrats and the Whigs were split over slavery.

The Whig party, much like the Republican party was much more independent with its membership and when the split got too large the party shattered into pieces, several of which were swept up into the new Republican Party, including Abe Lincoln.  The democrat party seems to me to always be a lot more united. Ever since it formed in the 1820s It has been much more unified keeping its doctrinal disputes in the smoke filled rooms.

Slavery divided both parties and in the 1860 election the Democrats ran 2 candidates, one northern and one southern. This is how Lincoln won the election. But the issue that keeps coming back is the death of the Whig party. The Whigs could not find a way to differentiate itself from the democrats on a growing key issue.  I think the government intrusion into our private lives as seen by the NSA scandal and Obamacare runs a good chance at destroying the Republican party.

The first Republican party split up after 1824 and the election of John Quincy Adams. The Federalist party split up after many of its issues were rendered moot, or absorbed by the old Republican party. The Whig party split up over issues of slavery and states rights.  Maybe the new Republican party will be the next major party to die.