Emotion trumps rational thought… again

I saw an exchange on the Simpsons in the early 1990s. One character was accused by a mob of other characters of doing something wrong, and when the evidence showed that this character was in fact innocent, the mob insisted that the character was guilty and began to lynch him.

On Saturday George Zimmerman was found not guilty by 6 jurors, including one black woman for the charge that he murdered a teenager. The evidence was very solid that it was a case of self defense. The damage to Zimmerman’s face was clear. Zimmerman’s behavior as reported by half a dozen police officers was clear.  But because Zimmerman was not black and Trayvon was black, Al Sharpton went to town and accused everyone of racism. Because Sharpton and a few other racebaters injected race into this, and the meme that Zimmerman was white spread like fire, this has become a racist hotspot. Most people who talk about this case do so from a stunning lack of intelligence. It is all emotion.

“Trayvon is dead!” they shout. They Ignore all evidence that Trayvon nearly killed Zimmerman. This is a pure emotional argument divorced from all reality that self defense is not murder.


Pastors, men of god, are dressing up in hoodies to protest the verdict. They ignore everything that came out about Trayvon, his behavior, his life style, they ignore the unchristian thing he did to Zimmerman. All of that ignored.


Nancy Grace goes on a racist rant against Zimmerman while trying to get out of it by calling Zimmerman the racist. 

All of this racism going around. All these social leaders who should know better. All this hate. It’s toxic to my soul and destroying my sanity.

Justice for Trayvon? Justice for a man who attempted to commit murder? How horrible is it that these people can not see what happened, all they see is a black person is dead. So they go and start a lynching…

Democrats and their lynching…

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…