How Rape, Abortion, and Zimmerman show the general conflict in liberal ideology.

Too many times when a woman is raped, it’s because she put her self in a position to be attacked. Gasp, is this blogger blaming women for their own rape? No, I am not. But we must acknowledge that when some one, anyone is attacked, we have to ask what they were doing in a dangerous situation in the first place. Often feminists will be horrified at the suggestion that women made mistakes that lead up to them being attacked. After all, in today’s society, it’s never our own fault what happens to us. we are all just victims of other people, often powerful white men. </sarcasm>

This connects to the Zimmerman case because many people say Zimmerman was at fault for getting out of his car in the first place. Many agree that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman, but Trayvon’s defenders point out that Zimmerman shouldn’t have been there in the first place. While this is a case that doesn’t attract a lot of Feminists to it, the argument to me seems identical to the rape argument. Why is the woman innocent, but the man guilty?  It’s about story line. The Zimmerman case is about a white guy (who is actually hispanic, but who cares about facts, its the emotions we are after) who killed a black child in cold blood (Facts, don’t use em). Once the seed of racism was planted, the tree of hate grew like a mighty oak.

How am I going to tie this into abortion? Like this! Abortion debate tends to center around 2 opposing extreme camps. Abortion on demand, up to the last moment of pregnancy, and no abortion under any circumstance. The two camps paint both sides in the worst possible light, and both camps commit acts of violence, even murder upon the other. It’s a gang war with the 70% of the population stuck in the middle. 

The pro choice extremists are very self centered. They think only of the right of the women to expel anyone from their body regardless of the cost of life. While the law allows for unquestioned abortions in the first trimester, and no abortion in the third, but to save the life of the mother, the second trimester has become the battle ground. Texas is the most active front in this battleground as of late. 

Generally by the second trimester the state laws require a good reason to terminate the baby, most often to safe the life of the mother, but it depends on the state. This seems way too late for a birth control abortion to me. This is just my opinion, but after 3 months, why are you now all of a sudden saying “I don’t want to be pregnant” you had a while to think about this. Abortions in the case of rape are one thing, but why wait 3 months for that? I can understand a woman not wanting to admit she was raped, this could cause a lot of problem. This could be an acceptable reason for abortion in the second trimester.  What about drug rape. Well, this bothers me. What kind of woman wakes up in a strange place and doesn’t stop to check if she had unwanted sex? Am I over thinking this? Are that many women that clueless about their own safety?

On the other side of the debate are the radcial pro lifers who wont even allow abortion to save the life of the mother.  This too is selifish but usually for theological reasons. Part of various dogmae is that God will punish everyone for the sins of the few. Well abortion is a sin in many faiths and these faithful fear being punished if others fail to toe the line. This is how pro life radicals are selfish. Others must obey so that they are not punished.

All around on the three subjects I have above listed there are people who ignore the facts, the data, the logic, the rational choice, and cling to the emotional. They don’t care what is reasonable, they only care about what feels rights. If their initial data was incorrect, everyone else was wrong, not them. This is a factor in society that says everyone must respect everyone elses rights, but the person demanding others respect him or her fails to respect others. The argument of: “You respect my rights, but you’re rights are immaterial to me”. Its a conundrum we must work to overcome.