Emotion trumps rational thought… again

I saw an exchange on the Simpsons in the early 1990s. One character was accused by a mob of other characters of doing something wrong, and when the evidence showed that this character was in fact innocent, the mob insisted that the character was guilty and began to lynch him.

On Saturday George Zimmerman was found not guilty by 6 jurors, including one black woman for the charge that he murdered a teenager. The evidence was very solid that it was a case of self defense. The damage to Zimmerman’s face was clear. Zimmerman’s behavior as reported by half a dozen police officers was clear.  But because Zimmerman was not black and Trayvon was black, Al Sharpton went to town and accused everyone of racism. Because Sharpton and a few other racebaters injected race into this, and the meme that Zimmerman was white spread like fire, this has become a racist hotspot. Most people who talk about this case do so from a stunning lack of intelligence. It is all emotion.

“Trayvon is dead!” they shout. They Ignore all evidence that Trayvon nearly killed Zimmerman. This is a pure emotional argument divorced from all reality that self defense is not murder.


Pastors, men of god, are dressing up in hoodies to protest the verdict. They ignore everything that came out about Trayvon, his behavior, his life style, they ignore the unchristian thing he did to Zimmerman. All of that ignored.


Nancy Grace goes on a racist rant against Zimmerman while trying to get out of it by calling Zimmerman the racist. 

All of this racism going around. All these social leaders who should know better. All this hate. It’s toxic to my soul and destroying my sanity.

Justice for Trayvon? Justice for a man who attempted to commit murder? How horrible is it that these people can not see what happened, all they see is a black person is dead. So they go and start a lynching…

Democrats and their lynching…

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…


How Rape, Abortion, and Zimmerman show the general conflict in liberal ideology.

Too many times when a woman is raped, it’s because she put her self in a position to be attacked. Gasp, is this blogger blaming women for their own rape? No, I am not. But we must acknowledge that when some one, anyone is attacked, we have to ask what they were doing in a dangerous situation in the first place. Often feminists will be horrified at the suggestion that women made mistakes that lead up to them being attacked. After all, in today’s society, it’s never our own fault what happens to us. we are all just victims of other people, often powerful white men. </sarcasm>

This connects to the Zimmerman case because many people say Zimmerman was at fault for getting out of his car in the first place. Many agree that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman, but Trayvon’s defenders point out that Zimmerman shouldn’t have been there in the first place. While this is a case that doesn’t attract a lot of Feminists to it, the argument to me seems identical to the rape argument. Why is the woman innocent, but the man guilty?  It’s about story line. The Zimmerman case is about a white guy (who is actually hispanic, but who cares about facts, its the emotions we are after) who killed a black child in cold blood (Facts, don’t use em). Once the seed of racism was planted, the tree of hate grew like a mighty oak.

How am I going to tie this into abortion? Like this! Abortion debate tends to center around 2 opposing extreme camps. Abortion on demand, up to the last moment of pregnancy, and no abortion under any circumstance. The two camps paint both sides in the worst possible light, and both camps commit acts of violence, even murder upon the other. It’s a gang war with the 70% of the population stuck in the middle. 

The pro choice extremists are very self centered. They think only of the right of the women to expel anyone from their body regardless of the cost of life. While the law allows for unquestioned abortions in the first trimester, and no abortion in the third, but to save the life of the mother, the second trimester has become the battle ground. Texas is the most active front in this battleground as of late. 

Generally by the second trimester the state laws require a good reason to terminate the baby, most often to safe the life of the mother, but it depends on the state. This seems way too late for a birth control abortion to me. This is just my opinion, but after 3 months, why are you now all of a sudden saying “I don’t want to be pregnant” you had a while to think about this. Abortions in the case of rape are one thing, but why wait 3 months for that? I can understand a woman not wanting to admit she was raped, this could cause a lot of problem. This could be an acceptable reason for abortion in the second trimester.  What about drug rape. Well, this bothers me. What kind of woman wakes up in a strange place and doesn’t stop to check if she had unwanted sex? Am I over thinking this? Are that many women that clueless about their own safety?

On the other side of the debate are the radcial pro lifers who wont even allow abortion to save the life of the mother.  This too is selifish but usually for theological reasons. Part of various dogmae is that God will punish everyone for the sins of the few. Well abortion is a sin in many faiths and these faithful fear being punished if others fail to toe the line. This is how pro life radicals are selfish. Others must obey so that they are not punished.

All around on the three subjects I have above listed there are people who ignore the facts, the data, the logic, the rational choice, and cling to the emotional. They don’t care what is reasonable, they only care about what feels rights. If their initial data was incorrect, everyone else was wrong, not them. This is a factor in society that says everyone must respect everyone elses rights, but the person demanding others respect him or her fails to respect others. The argument of: “You respect my rights, but you’re rights are immaterial to me”. Its a conundrum we must work to overcome.

Racism today

Racism today in America, I think, is in its death throws. Why? Isn’t it worse than ever? No! of course not! Let’s remember the Klu Klux Klan marching in the 1950s and 1930s. They had a lot more power than they had now. In 1915 President Wilson hailed “Birth of a Nation” as a great thing. The south was segregated by law, the north by defacto. There were lynchings, race riots, all kinds of horrible things. Now? now there are just a few assholes going around saying racist things and being jerks.

But there is a race bating industry going around whose whole existence requires racism. This serves a good thing, I think, in that they are squeezing out the last corners of racism and pulling them out into the light so they can be exposed and dealt with. While Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are string up a lot of trouble, blackmailing people, they do serve some positive purpose among all that toxicity.

What got me thinking about this is the now infamous George Zimmerman trial. Spending time in chatrooms I’ve seen racism about this case, about Obama, about justice Thomas, about Condalisa Rice. I have seen racism on both sides and found an interesting pattern. Leftist racism is based on the idea that minorities are inferior and unable to care for themselves, and thus need to be guided (dominated) and lead into proper behavior and correct thinking. While the racism on the right is based around stereotypes. A bunch of minority X does something stupid so the racists who lean right will assume that all of minority X are that way and thus treat them all the same. This division isn’t absolute. Ive seen stereotyping on the left and Ive seen claims of inferiority from the right but I found the observation fascinating.

The Zimmerman trial shows that race is still important. Zimmerman is Hispanic, yet the leftstream media insists on calling him white? Why? some of them refuse to admit their mistakes in initial reporting. Some (Fewer i hope) really wish to incite race wars.  Trayvon is black, even Obama pointed this out when he practically adopted him, and sent his Darth Vader (Eric Holder) to his Palpatine to incite riots in defense of Trayvon.

Why all this racism? Why does it remain? well, it’s just a long tradition. First developed in the 1500s by the Spanish and eagerly adopted by the xenophobic and ethnocentric English in the 1600s, it served as a tool for Christians to justify slavery. Once slavery was gone, in the 19th century, it served to maintain existing social orders which were being radically changed by Industrialization.

In the 1960s civil rights movement, Dr King and his fellows tried to remove it from the equation, but their progress was not enough for younger and angrier members of the movement who embraced militantism and racism to get their own things done. By embracing racism and hate, they justified the counterpush by white racists. This caused many flareups in the 1960s and 1970s. It died out in the 1980s-2008 but now we have a large economic downturn which causes people to look for people to blame. so they blame Minority group “notme”

This rant exists for me to vent this discussion on racism and hate and perhaps hope that as more time passes and as economic conditions improve, things will end up resolving. I hope…